What is the best haircut for fine thin curly hair

fine thin curly hair

Thin hair is considered a flaw. If it is also frizzy, consider that you’ve hit the jackpot. Many owners of thin hair mistakenly believe that no fashionable haircut will not suit them. But so want, like Shakira yes in the desert with an unruly mane: “Venever, verveer.

“Barbershop” life of any curly teenage girl begins with tears and resentment against this unfair world. A grown woman’s “salon” adventures end with another disappointment and a bottle of wine. Curly hair pleases others with its airiness and softness, but upsets its owner with its capriciousness. We have to carefully select haircuts for fine curly hair to compensate for the lack of volume and a persistent “dislike” of styling products.

Needless to say, rare masters know how to properly cut people with wavy and thin hair. Not only that, most hairdressing schools simply do not have curly dummies. “Curl movement” is actively developing abroad, and only some domestic specialists are trained there. The main thing they teach there is to cut curls on dry hair. Thus, they will not lose their shape, and, growing out, the strands will lie naturally. The technique is applied to clean hair, styled in the usual way (no sprays in the face).

Most masters do not pay attention to the so-called curl bounce factor: some have more curls and some have less, and one person may have different types. That is, if you cut curls as usual, on wet hair, with a strong pullback and using a comb, you can end up with a curly shape with very sharp, jagged transitions or too much length loss.

fine thin curly hair
Fine thin curly hair

Haircuts for curly hair

When choosing a haircut, owners of curly hair limit themselves to a small choice (cascade and cascade). We will prove that this is not the case. Haircuts for curly and thin hair are very diverse, and textured curls will make the hairstyle more voluminous and stylish.

Short haircuts


The carre is the perfect haircut for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their curls. And if a naughty curl will stick out, no one will notice it anyway. To make the haircut look even better, experts advise using a structuring cream for curly hair and dry your hair with a blow dryer with a diffuser.


A short bob is perfect for women with an oval or triangular face shape, like Cate Blanchett. If you have a round face or large features, give preference to an asymmetrical bob. The main rule is to regularly correct the shape of the growing bob, otherwise it will lose its charm.


Pixie is now popular not only on Instagram, but also on the red carpets in Hollywood. The secret is simple: this haircut is easy to care for, and it also perfectly emphasizes the eyes and cheekbones. Thick hair with a pixie becomes more manageable, and thin hair hairstyle adds volume. In addition, you don’t have to worry about styling – all you need for it is mousse or a little gel. But you need to be careful: not everyone goes with a short haircut.

Medium to long haircuts


Cascade is one of the most popular medium haircuts for curly hair. It looks great on both medium-length curls and long curls. Because of its volume, the hairstyle looks very unusual and will definitely make you pay attention.

Long bob

This bob on medium length hair creates a volume effect and emphasizes the beauty of the curls. If your curls are naughty and always try to get out of your hairstyle, stylists suggest making a graduation, which will help to give the haircut a more neat look.

Shag haircut

Top model Mika Arganaraz succeeded in her career thanks to her memorable image, an important part of which is the haircut “shag” (from the English “shaggy” – shaggy). It is a mussed haircut on wavy hair of medium length with a bang, which is cut in layers and has a filigree on the ends. Due to this technique, the hairstyle looks airy and looks great on thin hair.

And to look like a top model, the haircut must be properly styled. Stylists advise to use texturizing products: spray with sea salt, products for curl volume and dry shampoo. And do not forget to fix the mussed curls varnish.

If a trip to the beauty salon did not go according to plan, you can fix the situation on their own.

Use beauty wigs for a great look or use accessories if your hair isn’t thick enough or if it isn’t long enough for certain hairstyles.