Short Haircuts for Curly Thick Hair To Try This Fall

How to manage a curly hairstyle if you have thick hair? Go for a short haircut.

Short haircuts look super nice on those who have extremely curly hair with a thick texture. Additionally, they are easy to style and manipulate with on a daily basis. Short haircuts don’t require an everyday wash and dry routine and are comfortable enough, both for summer and winter seasons.

So, what can you do to look nice and chic this fall?

5 Short Haircuts for Curly Thick Hair

Having a short haircut doesn’t mean you can’t manipulate with your look in a different way. Even a short pixie looks different if it is styled in a different way. So, don’t be afraid to cut your hair short only because of not being able to do something new with it on a daily basis. A sea salt spray and a gel-serum will always help you to make a haircut look in a different way.

In terms of thick, curly hair, the shorter your haircut is, the easier it is to style. So, let’s have a look what exactly you can try to wear this fall.

  • A short bob. A short bob haircut looks really cute on those with curly hair. When styling a bob haircut, don’t try to make your look sleek and flat as those with straight hair do. Instead, make it as volumized as possible. You can spice it up even more by adding a short curly fringe in the front. This will add lightness and movement.
  • A short pixie. A combination of naturally curly hair and a short pixie haircut can make a wonder. This haircut can absolutely change the look. A short pixie with curly hair looks very sophisticated, chic, and sexy. You can easily rock this hairstyle with any outfit in any season. Try it if you’re not afraid of an extremely short haircut.
  • Asymmetrical bob. If you’re not afraid to experiment with your hair, go for an asymmetrical haircut. It is easy to style and manipulate with every morning. Two minutes and you are ready.
  • A shag hairstyle. It is a combination of everything – bangs, layers, light texture, and a modern edgy look. Curly shag hairstyles are perfect for those who want to try a different look and stand out from the crowd. This haircut will make you look younger and fresher.
  • And the last but not the least is a side-swept bob. Looking for a classic haircut with an interesting element? Try a short bob with a side swept to give your hair extra volume and lightness.

For more interesting haircuts, check what celebrities like Zendaya, Ashley Madekwe, Chrisette Michele, and Alicia Kis do with their naturally curly hair too.