What haircut looks best on naturally curly hair

naturally curly hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you know that it can be difficult to find a haircut that looks good on you. Many women with curly hair opt for sleek, straight cuts that either lay flat against the head or are styled into a sleek bob or ponytail. However, there is a more natural look that can be achieved by going with a style that is slightly longer on the top and shorter on the bottom. This haircut allows the curls to flow freely and look more natural. read more

How To Choose Short Haircuts For Round Faces And Thin Hair?

Have you ever heard all those beauty tips that always vigorously forbid girls with round faces to wear short haircuts? The most common argument against is that short hair places the greatest focus on roundness or even plumpness of one’s face. But every haircut will place the focus on different face parts and will show every advantage and disadvantage, won’t it? So why do we have such a strong prejudice just about round faces? If you are looking for a change and a new haircut, try it short! Just consider your face shape and follow our article to find the best for you.

A good hairstyle will add a new twist and something like a finishing zest to all your look! Even short haircuts for round faces and thin hair could be classy and sassy. Try out things from our list below and find the only one.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

  • Different bob hairstyles. Bob cut is one of the most classic hairstyles ever! It could be rounded, asymmetrical or straight, flat, messy or wavy, jaw, chin or shoulder- length, with or without bangs. It’s something to experiment with!
  • Pixie inspired cut. This extremely cropped boyish-looking haircut is a little bit risky at the first sight, but believe us that adding a volume on the top of the head will make your look more glamorous and face slimmer. Side bangs will make your face more oval too.
  • An asymmetrical side-sweep. Asymmetrical lines in haircuts always look good on a round face, so try it with no doubt!
  • A-line cut with layers. Hairstyles with messy waves and loose layers make more texture looking style, so it makes an extra volume exactly where you need it to be.
  • Fauxhawk. This hairstyle makes face slimmer by adding a great amount of messy layers at the crown of the head, which makes taller too. So, if you are a petite girl with round face, you should make a note.

As an extra hack for turning some disadvantages of yours into cute and catchy advantages we can recommend to try adding new highlights to your hair color. The same cut but with new highlight colors will make a completely different look and let your face shine through. It’s a new sweet and cute touch in your everyday look, if you don’t really want to change something dramatically.

So, to draw the conclusion, we can definitely say that avoidance of short haircuts by girls with round faces and thin hair is a huge mistake. Such hairstyles will add a certain zest and make your look completely different. Adding an extra volume at the top of the head makes round faces look slimmer and not so tall girls – higher. So keep it in mind, if you want to look a bit taller then you are.

There is a great amount of short hairstyles to wear, if your face is round. Just experiment with bangs, cut the length, messiness, layers and styles and you will find out what works exactly for you. Add some new highlights and make a completely new look as you want. Good luck!


Main Problems Of Choosing Short Asymmetrical Haircuts For Fine Hair

Finding a suitable haircut is really a challenge. But finding a haircut for fine hair is the most challenging thing you have ever faced! Every girl knows that hair trends are always changing and it is really hard sometimes to follow the biggest part of posted pictures, when your hair is not so thick, full and voluminous as it is needed for the same result. That makes women wear the same regular hairstyle and give up changing anything in their looks at all. That really disappoints.

But fine hair is not a big deal anymore, when you have our haircuts list! We did all the hard work for you. You will find the right solution of thin hair problem that suits you the best! And you will clearly see that it is not only bob cuts, short asymmetrical haircuts for fine hair will also look gorgeous!

What Should You Choose

At first, women with fine hair should understand, that suitable haircut is not the only one key to success. Thin hair is usually hard to curl and set as you want for the long period of time, so finding a proper hair care routine and hair stylers is also important to keep the cut as it supposed to be and prevent from being sleek swimming cap looking hair.

List of haircuts

  • Bob haircut with asymmetrical lines. The first one is the classic one. Bob cuts have a huge amount of variations, so it is something you experiment with. Just add an asymmetrical bang to the classic straight bob and you will see the difference! Curl your hair a bit, add some volume and that’s it!
  • Jaw to Shoulder-Length Cut. Regular chin and shoulder-length haircuts can be combined to make a great asymmetrical look for a round face, which also adds some volume. It is a great way to completely change your style.
  • Pixie Cut with Bangs. Pixies are good for risky girls. And you could make funkier and sassier look just by adding asymmetrical messy layers at the top of the head. Bangs will work perfectly with pixie cut too. Try chin or jaw-length bang and enjoy the brand new look.
  • Straight Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs. Full asymmetry in haircut could be too eye-catching, so if you are not looking for such dramatic changes, just try to add edgy asymmetrical bang to you look and feel a joy bringing wind of changes!

So, as you can see, it is possible to wear short haircuts and follow new trends even if your hair is not so thick and voluminous as you want. Your successful recipe for a great textured hair with asymmetrical lines is just a proper way of using your hair care routine and stylers. Play with volume and messiness, add textured layers at the top or add bangs. Change your look dramatically or slightly just by adding some zests to your regular choice.

Short Haircuts for Curly Thick Hair To Try This Fall

How to manage a curly hairstyle if you have thick hair? Go for a short haircut.

Short haircuts look super nice on those who have extremely curly hair with a thick texture. Additionally, they are easy to style and manipulate with on a daily basis. Short haircuts don’t require an everyday wash and dry routine and are comfortable enough, both for summer and winter seasons.

So, what can you do to look nice and chic this fall?

5 Short Haircuts for Curly Thick Hair

Having a short haircut doesn’t mean you can’t manipulate with your look in a different way. Even a short pixie looks different if it is styled in a different way. So, don’t be afraid to cut your hair short only because of not being able to do something new with it on a daily basis. A sea salt spray and a gel-serum will always help you to make a haircut look in a different way.

In terms of thick, curly hair, the shorter your haircut is, the easier it is to style. So, let’s have a look what exactly you can try to wear this fall.

  • A short bob. A short bob haircut looks really cute on those with curly hair. When styling a bob haircut, don’t try to make your look sleek and flat as those with straight hair do. Instead, make it as volumized as possible. You can spice it up even more by adding a short curly fringe in the front. This will add lightness and movement.
  • A short pixie. A combination of naturally curly hair and a short pixie haircut can make a wonder. This haircut can absolutely change the look. A short pixie with curly hair looks very sophisticated, chic, and sexy. You can easily rock this hairstyle with any outfit in any season. Try it if you’re not afraid of an extremely short haircut.
  • Asymmetrical bob. If you’re not afraid to experiment with your hair, go for an asymmetrical haircut. It is easy to style and manipulate with every morning. Two minutes and you are ready.
  • A shag hairstyle. It is a combination of everything – bangs, layers, light texture, and a modern edgy look. Curly shag hairstyles are perfect for those who want to try a different look and stand out from the crowd. This haircut will make you look younger and fresher.
  • And the last but not the least is a side-swept bob. Looking for a classic haircut with an interesting element? Try a short bob with a side swept to give your hair extra volume and lightness.

For more interesting haircuts, check what celebrities like Zendaya, Ashley Madekwe, Chrisette Michele, and Alicia Kis do with their naturally curly hair too.

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Nowadays, lots of women lead an active lifestyle: do sports, build a career, run a business. Women on the go don’t have much time for styling their hair, that’s exactly why they give preference to low maintenance shortcuts. Moreover, modern shortcuts are not only stylish and may help a lady create a fabulous image, but also make her look younger than her age.

It’s not surprising modern women prefer low maintenance short haircuts for thick hair – they are really convenient and require no time for their styling. There is a great number of shortcuts which will help you always look brilliant, feel confident no matter what and save your time on styling your haircut.


There are plenty of modern low maintenance short haircuts for thick hair which can make any lady look fantastic and fashionable. Bob, pixie, Garson, Sassoon, Pageboy – all these cuts have already gained in popularity with millions of women from across the world since it’s really easy to style them at home.

Here are the most stylish shortcuts to give preference to:

  1. Cascade is a layered asymmetrical cut. This is a little messy haircut which requires almost no styling – you just have to wash your hair, dry them naturally or using a dryer and use hairspray in order to add volume to the roots.
  2. Bob is a shortcut which is always in style. It’s a real godsend for ladies with thick hair who are willing to do a low maintenance cut – it’s enough to just dry hair and use special styling products. It’s no secret bob has a great number of diverse variations – blunt, layered, textured, asymmetrical, A-line, pin-straight, classic one, etc, so you can choose the one you like the most. You can also cut bangs – bob goes perfectly with side and straight one.
  3. Pixie is a fashionable cut which can help you create an elegant, eye-catching and feminine image. Pixie may be easily styled with fingers – use mousse or gel and apply it on wet hair. This cut is perfect for both young girls and older ladies. Pixie is also a catch for women with round and oval face shape helping them always look fresh and young.
  4. Garson – a perfect cut for ladies on the go. This option will be a catch for women with thick, unruly hair. Garson is one of the trendiest cuts – it will help you always be in style and look brilliant in any situation.

A possibility to waste the minimum time of styling the cut makes short hairstyles gain in popularity with women nowadays. It’s also possible to style them in lots of diverse ways and always look different adding volume, changing the part, styling bangs, curling or straightening hair.

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On The Way To Creating A Spectacular Image

Selecting a shortcut, it’s worth giving preference to the simplest options which can look good no matter what, even when they are not styled. Natural, messy, layered cuts are in style nowadays; they are able to emphasize all the good sides of the lady as well as make her look fresh and incredibly fashionable.


If you have relaxed hair and don’t want to waste much time styling it as well as are willing to protect it against damage, then take the following cuts into account:

  • Pixie. This cut is just perfect for ladies with thick, relaxed hair. Most women on the run give preference to pixie – it requires almost no styling and looks great in any situation.
  • Layered bob will also be a catch for girls who are willing to create an eye-catching image and always be in style. Bob can be styled in lots of diverse ways in just a few minutes, so you’ll be able to look different every single day. It’s also possible for you to select a variation you like the most as well as cut bangs which will make your image even trendier.
  • Asymmetric cuts always look spectacular and extraordinary. Such cuts will be an excellent choice for women of all ages – asymmetry will make them look young, fresh and glowy. Long side bangs will complete the image as well as help you create the desired look.
  • Sassoon cut is just a catch for ladies who like experimenting with hairstyles. Elegant, stylish cut will make it possible for you to always attract attention and feel confident. It’s worth keeping in mind only a real professional is able to cut Sassoon the proper way.


It’s no secret braids are in style nowadays. They are known for their convenience and trendiness and also liked for their protective features. Braids can make any look elegant, feminine and gentle; their variety lets ladies look different every single day making a minimum effort on braiding their hair.

  1. French braid. It always looks elegant and eye-catching. If you’re willing to do such hairstyle, then you need to start with brushing your hair in order to smooth out any tangles. Then, gather enough hair from the top of the head and start braiding a regular braid, divide hair into three equal sections, cross them and secure the braid with a band.
  2. Waterfall braid. This is another hairstyle which gains in popularity with ladies with shortcuts. It looks excellent on both wavy and straight hair as well as it’s not that hard to braid it.
  3. Micro braids. That is definitely one of the most spectacular and stylish hairstyles ladies do. Tiny braids will make it possible for you to create an unforgettable look and feel confident no matter what.

Girls with shortcuts can easily change their look choosing the one which is the most suitable for one or another occasion and always look brilliant with their hair braided read more