How To Choose Short Haircuts For Round Faces And Thin Hair?

Have you ever heard all those beauty tips that always vigorously forbid girls with round faces to wear short haircuts? The most common argument against is that short hair places the greatest focus on roundness or even plumpness of one’s face. But every haircut will place the focus on different face parts and will show every advantage and disadvantage, won’t it? So why do we have such a strong prejudice just about round faces? If you are looking for a change and a new haircut, try it short! Just consider your face shape and follow our article to find the best for you.

A good hairstyle will add a new twist and something like a finishing zest to all your look! Even short haircuts for round faces and thin hair could be classy and sassy. Try out things from our list below and find the only one.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

  • Different bob hairstyles. Bob cut is one of the most classic hairstyles ever! It could be rounded, asymmetrical or straight, flat, messy or wavy, jaw, chin or shoulder- length, with or without bangs. It’s something to experiment with!
  • Pixie inspired cut. This extremely cropped boyish-looking haircut is a little bit risky at the first sight, but believe us that adding a volume on the top of the head will make your look more glamorous and face slimmer. Side bangs will make your face more oval too.
  • An asymmetrical side-sweep. Asymmetrical lines in haircuts always look good on a round face, so try it with no doubt!
  • A-line cut with layers. Hairstyles with messy waves and loose layers make more texture looking style, so it makes an extra volume exactly where you need it to be.
  • Fauxhawk. This hairstyle makes face slimmer by adding a great amount of messy layers at the crown of the head, which makes taller too. So, if you are a petite girl with round face, you should make a note.

As an extra hack for turning some disadvantages of yours into cute and catchy advantages we can recommend to try adding new highlights to your hair color. The same cut but with new highlight colors will make a completely different look and let your face shine through. It’s a new sweet and cute touch in your everyday look, if you don’t really want to change something dramatically.

So, to draw the conclusion, we can definitely say that avoidance of short haircuts by girls with round faces and thin hair is a huge mistake. Such hairstyles will add a certain zest and make your look completely different. Adding an extra volume at the top of the head makes round faces look slimmer and not so tall girls – higher. So keep it in mind, if you want to look a bit taller then you are.

There is a great amount of short hairstyles to wear, if your face is round. Just experiment with bangs, cut the length, messiness, layers and styles and you will find out what works exactly for you. Add some new highlights and make a completely new look as you want. Good luck!