Low Maintenance Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Nowadays, lots of women lead an active lifestyle: do sports, build a career, run a business. Women on the go don’t have much time for styling their hair, that’s exactly why they give preference to low maintenance shortcuts. Moreover, modern shortcuts are not only stylish and may help a lady create a fabulous image, but also make her look younger than her age.

It’s not surprising modern women prefer low maintenance short haircuts for thick hair – they are really convenient and require no time for their styling. There is a great number of shortcuts which will help you always look brilliant, feel confident no matter what and save your time on styling your haircut.

The Trendiest Cuts To Give Preference To

There are plenty of modern low maintenance short haircuts for thick hair which can make any lady look fantastic and fashionable. Bob, pixie, Garson, Sassoon, Pageboy – all these cuts have already gained in popularity with millions of women from across the world since it’s really easy to style them at home.

Here are the most stylish shortcuts to give preference to:

  1. Cascade is a layered asymmetrical cut. This is a little messy haircut which requires almost no styling – you just have to wash your hair, dry them naturally or using a dryer and use hairspray in order to add volume to the roots.
  2. Bob is a shortcut which is always in style. It’s a real godsend for ladies with thick hair who are willing to do a low maintenance cut – it’s enough to just dry hair and use special styling products. It’s no secret bob has a great number of diverse variations – blunt, layered, textured, asymmetrical, A-line, pin-straight, classic one, etc, so you can choose the one you like the most. You can also cut bangs – bob goes perfectly with side and straight one.
  3. Pixie is a fashionable cut which can help you create an elegant, eye-catching and feminine image. Pixie may be easily styled with fingers – use mousse or gel and apply it on wet hair. This cut is perfect for both young girls and older ladies. Pixie is also a catch for women with round and oval face shape helping them always look fresh and young.
  4. Garson – a perfect cut for ladies on the go. This option will be a catch for women with thick, unruly hair. Garson is one of the trendiest cuts – it will help you always be in style and look brilliant in any situation.

A possibility to waste the minimum time of styling the cut makes short hairstyles gain in popularity with women nowadays. It’s also possible to style them in lots of diverse ways and always look different adding volume, changing the part, styling bangs, curling or straightening hair.